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Best Custom-Tailored Product Funnel Coaching Ever?

Imagine for a moment that you want to create a product in the dating niche.

Best Custom-Tailored Product Funnel Coaching Ever?

In fact, you even know what kind of product you want to create, who your target audience is and so forth.

Now if you could just get someone to show you exactly what to do…

  • What kind of emails should you use?
  • What sort of branding?
  • What kind of follow up sequences?
  • How should you position your product?
  • What might the sales copy look like?
  • What kind of pricing will work?
  • How many upsells should you have and what should they cost?

Here’s an idea: Hire a $3,000 a month coach.

Here’s another idea: Reverse engineer funnels that are already in place.

Before we go any further on this… I am not advocating you steal anything, especially copy. I’m only advocating that you see what’s working and WHY it’s working. 

Okay, let’s get back to it…

You want to make a dating product. So, you go to someplace like Clickbank, find a product that’s similar to the one you’re creating and you become a customer.

You go through the entire sales process, copying every URL along the way. 3 upsells? You copy the URL’s. Oh yes, and you buy everything in the funnel, too.

This person has done all the work already. You can guess by their gravity how well they’re doing. If they’re on a platform like JVZoo, you can tell EXACTLY how well they’re doing, how well they’re converting and so forth.

As you’re going through the funnel, look at it with two sets of eyes – customer and marketer.

What does the squeeze page look like? The sales letter? The thank you page with the first upsell, and so forth.

Study how it works, how it’s put together, what kind of language they’re using, how they’re appealing to the customer, what kind of proof they have, how they present the offer and so forth.

How does the whole thing make you feel? Which parts do you think need improving? Which are working? What’s missing?

Go back to the squeeze page and put in a different email address from the one you used to buy the product.

Now watch your emails for both sequences – the sequence you get as a buyer, and the sequence you get as a prospect.

Notice what other cross-promotions they’re doing, what offers they’re making, and how everything is presented.

Again, I’m not advocating you steal anything. I am advocating that you do your homework and figure out what’s working.

This is the cheapest and yet the most priceless education you can get on how to build your own funnel.

Now go back and look for any other products that are similar to the one you’re producing, and repeat the process of reverse-engineering everything.

This could well be the best blueprint you could ever want for how to create and position your funnel for your own product.

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