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How to get the BEST Affiliates to Promote Your Products

Actually, I wanted to title this… “How to get the best affiliates to promote your products, put your links on their download pages, give you free solo ads, place your products in their funnels and send you lots of money and prizes.” …but obviously that title would be a bit long.

How to get the BEST Affiliates to Promote Your Products

If you’ve ever promoted a product with a big launch, then you’ve probably seen those things called a ‘leader board.’ Usually it’s the top ten – although it could be top 15, top 20, etc. – affiliates at any given moment during the campaign.

Here’s the thing about leaderboards – everyone who is in on the launch can see them. And everyone knows who is at the top and who finishes at the top, too.

Being at or near the top of a leaderboard means of course that you are making good commissions, but it can also mean prize money. Some affiliates and list owners make five figures a year in prize money alone.

But being at the top of a leader board gives you a lot more than money – it also means you’re going to get some great offers from other product owners who want you to promote their products.

They’ll contact you asking you to mail out for them, and in return they’ll offer to mail for you when you launch products.

These reciprocal mailings can get you a lot of money, and not just from the people who ask you to promote.

When a product launches, there is a group of affiliates who are in on the initial launch, and another group who sees the launch happening and decides to jump on board at the last moment.

So having even one or two big name marketers promoting your product can result in dozens of other affiliates promoting as well.

But what if you don’t want a reciprocal mailing? Then you can ask for something else, like a free solo ad to their lists, an ad on their download pages, or you can ask that they promote one of your products in their product funnel.

Frankly, you can ask for anything you want. Free membership for life? Sure. Special deals for your readers? You bet. Advice and coaching? Yes.

Getting onto the leaderboards can do wonderful things for your business besides earning you commissions.

So how do you get on the leaderboards?

Obviously having a large responsive list full of people who trust you is one way.

But what if you don’t have a large list yet?

Then you might want to team up with other marketers. You’ll have to share in the commissions, but then you’ll also get to share in the perks as well.

Just make sure that your name appears on the leaderboard, and not some generic business name.

You want everyone to know that you’re on that board so you can get some of the perks that come from being a top dog.

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